Our workplace sessions focus on ensuring a respectful and comfortable workplace for all – regardless of gender, gender identity and/or expression and/or sexual orientation. We help organizations go beyond the binary and ensure equal opportunity and possibility for their workforce. 


A workplace where teams feel respected, appreciated, safe and comfortable are more productive and overcome challenges of absenteeism, turnover, workers’ compensation, and medical claims. 

Teams that experience workplace harassment can develop anxiety, panic attacks that lead to loss of motivation, a decline in decision-making ability, and overall effectiveness. Harassment can also result in loss of revenue, legal fees, and damage the organization’s image and reputation. A 2018 study on physical health and workplace bullying by the University of Copenhagen found that victims are –


More likely to develop cardiac related illnesses (stroke or heart disease) than those not being bullied

Suffer increased risk in developing Type 2 diabetes as a result of being bullied at work

Our respectful workplace workshops help organizations design and/or review, disseminate and implement harassment policies effectively, with their teams at the centre of the process. Our process provides an opportunity for dialogue between teams and management that encourages a frank and open appraisal of existing mechanisms with the intention of ensuring a respectful, safe and comfortable work space for all.

Our clients have included GIZ, Hayleys PLC, John Keells Foundation, MAS Intimates, MAS KREEDA, National Union of Seafarers Sri Lanka, Shangri-La Hotels, and Wiley Global Technology.

Grassrooted is also a member of the Sri Lanka Collective to #RatifyC190 – International Convention on Eliminating Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

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