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19th July 2018, Mount Lavinia
Last week the Daily Mirror published a sensationalist piece on abortion following a Family Health Bureau led event for World Population Day purportedly using UNFPA Sri Lanka data. For many years now the statistic of 1000 abortions a day has been the cause for much consternation among public health practitioners and the general public alike. The writer of the Daily Mirror piece appears to have heard this statistic for the first time, …

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Tuesday, 13th September 
by Dharini Priscilla 
National STD/AIDS Control Programme (NSACP) recently launched ‘Stay Safe’ – A mobile app that facilitates self-assessment of the risk level of acquiring HIV.
The Stay Safe App, is an easy to use tool, that helps you determine the risk level of acquiring HIV through various sexual activities. The app provides a comprehensive list of common heterosexual and homosexual activities, for which the associated risk level can be obtained. The app also gives …

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October 14th, 2018
By Paromita Vohra
Perhaps the most dispiriting thing about the stories emerging from the bhadralok #MeToo moment of the last two weeks is that not a single story about men I’ve actually known or met surprised me. It’s not because I had identical experiences with them (though I occasionally had) but because I had glimpsed something far more telling about consent in their eyes. As a smart and funny woman, who is a conventionally non-hot type, …

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Tuesday, 11th September 2018
Sri Lanka ratified the UNCRC in 1991 but lags behind the rest of the world in eliminating corporal punishment. Even though there are laws in the island banning corporal punishment in schools, such punitive disciplinary procedures are condoned by many educators and parents. It is socially acceptable because they reflect upon their own personal experiences, often glorifying severe punishments they received in their youth. Punishment is justified on the basis that such …