Our WHO MADE THIS range of cups are in aid of marginalized women and girls in Sri Lanka who sell sex, live with HIV, identify as Transgender, use drugs and survive violence. In our commitment to be self-funded and reject donor driven agendas, our WHO MADE THIS mugs have proven to be a vital component.


The Tea Plucker Cup with the “Who Made This Cup of Tea?” on the base, captures not just the struggle of women in the tea industry who fight for a fare minimum wage, but also provokes us to think about who most often makes a cup of tea in Sri Lanka.


 The Mask Cup with “Who Made This for Me?” on the base, similarly evokes those hidden that do our patriarchal bidding. Recently, a Buddhist monk suggested that if a man makes a cup of tea that this will bring ill fortune to the household. Need we say more?


The Sigiriya Fresco Mug has “My Culture?” on the base. In a post-Victorian Sri Lanka, culture is often conflated with Victorian ideals and principles that we appear to have embraced and sustained. Our ready slut shaming and victim blaming, within what appears to be an established she-was-asking-for-it paradigm, is testament to how we need to challenge these notions of culture and propriety. What better way than using ancient art that celebrates our naked form?


Currently available at Barefoot, Colombo, Galle and Dutch Hospital. 

When you enjoy a  cup of tea–– don’t forget–– “Who made this for me?”