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[3 Sep 2018 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Duerte’s Patriarchy for Tea

3rd September 2018, Mount Lavinia
Philippine President Rodrigo Duerte’s comments about beautiful women getting raped as reported by the Washington Post brings into focus our global attitude toward rape. Duerte’s off the cuff remark, during a speech in his hometown of Davao, where he was once Mayor, was apparently a joke.
“They said there are many rape cases in Davao… As long as there are many beautiful women, there will be more rape cases.”

He went on to …

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[5 Feb 2016 | No Comment | Posted by ]

Once the shoe fits                                                     Don’t speak of rights
The foot is forgotten                                               Just focus on duty
–  Chuang Tzsu                       …

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[27 Jan 2016 | No Comment | Posted by ]
වලාකුළෙන් පසු විපරමක්

භූමි හරේන්ද්‍රන්
ඡායාරූප ගැනීම් මිනිසාගේ විශේෂ වූ මතකයන් සටහන් කරගැනීම සඳහා යොදාගත් ක්‍රමයකි. එමගින් ඔවුන් තමන්ගේ සුන්දර වූ අවස්තාවන් රූපමය වශයෙන් ලබාගෙන ඒවා නරඹා ස්මරණය කිරීමට අතීතයේ සිටම පුරුදුව සිටියහ. වත්මන් සමාජයේ හා තාක්ෂණික දියුණුවත් සමග ඡායාරූප ගැනීමේ පහසුකම් ජංගම දුරකථන සඳහා  ලැබුණු අතර පසු කලෙක තමන්ගේ ඡායාරූපයක් තමන් විසින්ම ගත හැකි ලෙස විවිධ ක්‍රම හදුන්වා දීය. තම මිතුරන් හා හිතවතුන් හෝ පෙම්වතා/ පෙම්වතියත් සමඟ කිසිම අපහසුතාවයකින් තොරව රිසි පරිදි ඡායාරූපයක් ගැනීමට ඉන් පහසුවිය. එමගින් තමන් …

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[18 Nov 2013 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Still far away…

Lists are being made. Budgets are being made. Wholesalers and suppliers are being indentified. Finally, finally, finally the phone rang. That’s the call we waiting for. The other end of the call said that there is no one willing tot a house for broken face and her friends, including red teeth to spend the night. Well, the existing drop in center is only open from 9 am to 5 pm and the house owner does …

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[9 Sep 2013 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Mother to all

When I first moved to Colombo in 2005, to do my first ever job at YA-TV, she opened the doors of her home for me. I was not first person she opened the doors to; there were many. Her heart was open for anyone who sought refuge. She did not care who it was. In my childhood memories of Sunila, there were always “people” around her. Her home was always full. And for breakfast, lunch …

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[4 Sep 2013 | One Comment | Posted by ]
Untold stories…

While I was going through our blog I realized that we have not spent enough time on writing about the Roadshow experience. It’s been a year since we went on the road show. If you do not know, what “the road show” was, it was part of the THINKWISE campaign which was a global partnership on creating awareness on HIV. As one of the local partners, we ran a road show. We went around Sri …

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[1 Sep 2013 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Our Legal Drug…

Last Monday night I went to a club with a friend of mine. I was the only woman in the club, everyone else being men, gentlemen rather. Later it got, more and more gentlemen flocked. They drank and drank and drank. I checked the time, it was 10.30 and the club was still full. I figured that almost all of them were married. They were middle aged. I wondered what the wives think of their …

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[12 Aug 2013 | No Comment | Posted by ]
A wish that had long been due…

Last week, friend of mine got married; at the wedding I met this man who is the father of very good friend of mine.
The first question he asked was why I had shaven my head. Since I had no time to tell the whole story, I briefly told him that I was involved in a fundraising for marginalized women.
His second question was what kind of group of women I was working with.
Since …

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[10 Mar 2013 | No Comment | Posted by ]
We are beautiful beautiful creatures…….

Scene I:
(A young couple is sitting on a couch in an apartment by sea. They are looking away from each other.)
Man: I didn’t know.
Woman: When I’m angry you’ve got to know! You’ve just got to know! I’m tired of this. Your school and matches and drinking. I hate big matches.
Man: You’re just crazy.
Woman: The first day, you called. Once! To tell me you got there. You can’t just go, get drunk and disappear.
Man: I …

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[8 Feb 2013 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Yay! We raise awareness…

Today I called a government office to get permission to do an event to raise awareness on violence against women. Over the telephone this is what I heard.
Telephone ringing
Man answers the telephone.
මහත්මයා මම කතා කරන්නේ අපි කාන්තා හිංසනය පිළිබද දැනුවත් කිරීමේ වැඩසටහනක් කරන්න අවසර ඉල්ලා ලිපියක් යොමු කරලා තියෙනවා. ඒ ලිපියට මොකද වුණේ කියලා දැන ගන්නයි කතා කරන්නේ.
Hello… Sir I’m calling about a letter of permission for an awareness programme on violence against women that …